International Archive Day Presentation Recording


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Thank you to Dr. Franks, the panelists and all those who attended the IDNA panel presentation Lessons Learned While Gathering Data for the International Directory of National Archives in celebration of International Archive Day.    

If you were unable to attend the presentation click here to access a recording of the presentation. 

One thought on “International Archive Day Presentation Recording

  1. Well-exceeded expectations!
    Better than MANY professional panels I’ve seen… Good focus, generated excellent common themes, demonstrated value for you as well as the project.
    -excellent demonstration of reconciling expectations with actual field experience
    -superb illustration of applying difficult ethical concerns
    -solid application of the value of using comparators
    -sophisticated example of team efforts (across roles, platforms, tasks!)
    -insightful conversation about elevating interconnections between examples and tasks
    -a valuable lesson in un-learning American exceptionalism
    All around excellence!


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