National Archives of Afghanistan (NAA)

National Archives, G5F9+R4 Kabul, Afghanistan

In 2018, the International Directory of National Archives was published. It includes an entry for the National Archives of Afghanistan (Archive- e Melli/National Archif).

A scan of that entry is attached here as a record of the NAA, which was established in 1973 when the government began a rehabilitation and reconstruction program for Kabul’s historical buildings.

The NAA preserves valuable manuscripts, old books, newspapers, journals, calendars, declarations, seals, stamps, decrees, important historical official documents, deeds, treaties, public subscriptions, public letters of complaint, family trees, historical drawings and photos, calligraphy, paintings and miniatures, handwritten books and other unique and old item.

Interior of the National Archives of Afghanistan

The oldest manuscript in the archives is attributed to Osman and Ali (the third and fourth caliphs of Islam, Imam Hassan, and Imam Hossian, written in Kufic script on deerskins, and illluminated with letters of gold dating back to the second and third centuries.

Many thanks to the assistance provided by Masuma Nazari, chief of the National Archives of Afghanistan.

My best wishes to the people of Afghanistan during this turbulent time in our shared history.